Bamboo Charcoal Bar, Peppermint

Bamboo Charcoal Bar, Peppermint

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 Bamboo Charcoal soap has been used in Asia to clear skin and smooth complexions. It is a mild exfoliant for delicate skin, absorbs excess oils from the skin and washes away clean.

The benefits of bamboo charcoal are a high absorption rate, lots of cavities (to pick up toxins from skin and transport away in the wash), and a high mineral content. Another huge benefit to the bamboo charcoal is the production of negative ions; studies show that negative ions in the air make us feel better!


Ingredients: The saponified oils of organic virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic babassu oil, organic avocado oil, organic castor oil, purified water, bamboo charcoal, organic apricot kernel oil, pink himalayan sea salt, organic peppermint essential oil, organic tea tree essential oil & organic tocopherol (a natural preservative)

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