Bamboo & Sugarcane Bar Holder

Bamboo & Sugarcane Bar Holder

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Introducing our Bamboo & Sugarcane Bar Holder, your sustainable solution for storing your shampoo & conditioner bars in the shower!

Convenient Storage: This holder is designed to comfortably accommodate one shampoo bar and one conditioner bar, keeping them within easy reach during your shower routine. The slotted bottom of the draining soap dish ensures that excess water can easily drip out, while allowing airflow to dry the bars quickly between uses.

Better for the Planet: Take a stand against excessive plastic waste with our eco-friendly soap bar tray box. Crafted from a durable composite of sugarcane and bamboo, this holder is fully compostable, making it a planet-friendly alternative to traditional plastic options. Make a conscious choice for the environment while keeping your shower organized and your hair care routine sustainable.

Upgrade your shower experience with our Bamboo & Sugarcane Bar Holder today and join us in the journey towards a greener future!

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